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The Surfer's Journal is the preeminent publication in surfing; a bi-monthly magazine that chronicles surfing and surf culture in a considered and timeless fashion. The Journal is a reader supported publication that is printed on fsc certified paper and is a member of 1% For The Planet. Imported directly from the publishers in California, Otter Surfboards are one of the few outlets in the UK where you can pick up a copy.

Issue 24.3 includes an article with us as the subject, penned by Daniel Crockett.

Issue 25.2 manages to cover all bases and offers something for everyone, from pivotal moments at the 1968 world championships through to the graceful, modern, "big guy" surfing of Jay Davies, via surfing South African street kids, the waves of Russia's remote far west, Peter Townend and the "retrogressive" Californian imagery of Tatsuo Takei.

Issue 25.3 On the cover: Waveform, Oaxaca, Mexico. Inside pages range from the diamond- and surf-rich coastlines of Africa to an atoll in the Indian Ocean. Tintypes from photographer Bernard Testemale, time-bending imagery from Jay Mark Johnson, and the back-alley noir and shorefront vibrancy of Town lend lights and darks.

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Issue 26.1 On the Cover: Prepared for a welcome and bracing shock, 19-year-old Lloyd Kahn makes the leap in Santa Cruz, 1955. Features inside include Jon Foster’s archive of Windansea imagery, a visit to Cloud Nine in the Philippines, a cold-case file on a man named Mr. X and his contributions to edge-board design, plus short fiction from Bryan Di Salvatore.

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